GstLAL documentation

GstLAL provides a suite of GStreamer elements that expose gravitational-wave data analysis tools from the LALSuite library for use in GStreamer signal-processing pipelines.

Examples include an element to add simulated gravitational waves to an h(t) stream, and a source element to provide the contents of .gwf frame files to a GStreamer pipeline.


The GstLAL software package is used for the following activities:

  • gstlal provides core Gstreamer plugins for signal processing workflows with LIGO data and core python bindings for constructing such workflows.

  • gstlal-inspiral provides additional signal processing plugins that are specific for LIGO / Virgo searches for compact binaries as well as a substantial amount of python code for post-processing raw signal processing results into gravitational wave candidate lists. Several publications about the methodology and workflow exist, see Publications

  • gstlal-burst provides additional signal processing plugins for use in astrophysical and noise transient burst searches.

  • gstlal-ugly is an incubator project for gradual inclusion in the other packages.

Build/Test Results

Results pages for the Offline Tutorial Test are generated automatically and are located here:

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