The GstLAL software package is used for the following activities:

  • GstLAL: The package GstLAL provides core Gstreamer plugins for signal processing workflows with LIGO data and core python bindings for constructing such workflows.
  • GstLAL Calibration: The package GstLAL Calibration provides real-time calibration of LIGO control system data into strain data.
  • GstLAL Inspiral: The package GstLAL Inspiral provides additional signal processing plugins that are specific for LIGO / Virgo searches for compact binaries as well as a substantial amount of python code for post-processing raw signal processing results into gravitational wave candidate lists. Several publications about the methodology and workflow exist, see publications
  • GstLAL Ugly: The package GstLAL Inspiral is an incubator project for gradual inclusion in the other packages.