Math and Signal Analysis Packages

Detailed Description


 Vector Manipulation Routines
 This package contains routines for vector manipulation and math.
 Fast Fourier Transform Routines
 This package contains various routines for performing FFTs.
 Statistical Routines
 This package containts statistical routines.
 Time-Domain Filter Routines
 This package covers LAL routines for constructing and applying digital time-domain filters.
 Numerical Utilities
 This package contains various numerical utilities for use in LAL.
 Window Routines
 This package contains a function to create a vector containing a window (also called a taper, lag window, or apodization function).
 Signal Injection Routines
 This package provided routines to simulate gravitational waves and their effect on a detector.
 Noise Model Routines
 This is a module that generates noisemodels of various interferometers and helps run simple filtering of data simulated with these noise models.