LALBurst Documentation


LAL routines for burst gravitational wave data analysis.


We request that any academic report, publication, or other academic disclosure of results derived from the use of this software acknowledge the use of the software by an appropriate acknowledgment or citation.

The whole LALSuite software suite can be cited with the DOI 10.7935/GT1W-FZ16. An example BibTeX entry could look like this:

       author         = "{LIGO Scientific Collaboration}",
       title          = "{LIGO} {A}lgorithm {L}ibrary - {LALS}uite",
       howpublished   = "free software (GPL)",
       doi            = "10.7935/GT1W-FZ16",
       year           = "2018"

In addition, some codes contained in this package may be directly based on one or several scientific papers, which should be cited when using those specific codes; some of these can be discovered through the documentation.

Basic Build Instructions

 ./configure --prefix=...
 make install

Please read the LALSuite install how-to for more detailed build instructions.

Bug Reporting

Please visit the LALSuite bug reporting system ( authentication required to submit new issues), or use the e-mail helpdesk.

For More Information

Please visit the LALSuite project page.