Simulate Triggers (bayestar-realize-coincs)

Synthesize triggers for simulated sources by realizing Gaussian measurement errors in SNR and time of arrival. The input file (or stdin if the input file is omitted) should be an optionally gzip-compressed LIGO-LW XML file of the form produced by lalapps_inspinj. The output file (or stdout if omitted) will be an optionally gzip-compressed LIGO-LW XML file containing single-detector triggers and coincidences.

The root-mean square measurement error depends on the SNR of the signal, so there is a choice for how to generate perturbed time and phase measurements:

  • zero-noise: no measurement error at all

  • gaussian-noise: measurement error for a matched filter in Gaussian noise

usage: bayestar-realize-coincs [-h] [--seed SEED] [--version]
                               [-l CRITICAL|ERROR|WARNING|INFO|DEBUG|NOTSET]
                               [-o OUT.xml[.gz]] [-j [JOBS]] --detector
                               [A1|B1|C1|E0|E1|E2|E3|G1|H1|H2|I1|K1|L1|N1|O1|T1|U1|V0|V1|X1 ...]
                               [--waveform WAVEFORM]
                               [--snr-threshold SNR_THRESHOLD]
                               [--net-snr-threshold NET_SNR_THRESHOLD]
                               [--min-triggers MIN_TRIGGERS]
                               [--min-distance MIN_DISTANCE]
                               [--max-distance MAX_DISTANCE]
                               [--measurement-error {zero-noise,gaussian-noise}]
                               [--enable-snr-series] --reference-psd
                               PSD.xml[.gz] [--f-low F_LOW] [--f-high F_HIGH]
                               [--duty-cycle DUTY_CYCLE] [-P]

Positional Arguments


Name of input file

Default: -

Named Arguments


show program’s version number and exit

-l, --loglevel

Default: INFO

-o, --output

Name of output file

Default: -

-j, --jobs

Number of threads

Default: 1


Possible choices: A1, B1, C1, E0, E1, E2, E3, G1, H1, H2, I1, K1, L1, N1, O1, T1, U1, V0, V1, X1

Detectors to use


Waveform to use for injections (overrides values in sim_inspiral table)


Single-detector SNR threshold

Default: 4.0


Network SNR threshold

Default: 12.0


Keep sub-threshold triggers that do not contribute to the network SNR

Default: False


Emit coincidences only when at least this many triggers are found

Default: 2


Skip events with distance less than this value

Default: 0.0


Skip events with distance greater than this value

Default: inf


Possible choices: zero-noise, gaussian-noise

How to compute the measurement error

Default: “zero-noise”

--enable-snr-series, --disable-snr-series

Enable output of SNR time series

Default: True


Name of PSD file


Override low frequency cutoff found in sim_inspiral table


Set high frequency cutoff to simulate early warning


Single-detector duty cycle

Default: 1.0

-P, --preserve-ids

Preserve original simulation_ids

Default: False

random number generator options

Options that affect the Numpy pseudo-random number genrator


Pseudo-random number generator seed [default: initialized from /dev/urandom or clock]