Plot Summary Statistics (ligo-skymap-plot-stats)

Create summary plots for sky maps of found injections, optionally binned cumulatively by false alarm rate or SNR.

usage: ligo-skymap-plot-stats [-h] [--version]
                              [-l CRITICAL|ERROR|WARNING|INFO|DEBUG|NOTSET]
                              [--cumulative] [--normed] [--group-by far|snr]
                              [--pp-confidence-interval PCT] [--format FORMAT]
                              [--output OUTPUT]
                              input [input ...]

Positional Arguments


Name of input file generated by ligo-skymap-stats

Named Arguments


show program’s version number and exit

-l, --loglevel

Default: INFO


Default: False


Default: False


Possible choices: far, snr

Group plots by false alarm rate (FAR) or signal to noise ratio (SNR)


If all inputs files have the same number of samples, overlay binomial confidence bands for this percentage on the P–P plot

Default: 95


Matplotlib format

Default: “pdf”

--output, -o

output directory

Default: “.”