ligo-lvalert Documentation

ligo-lvalert is a client for the LIGO/Virgo LVAlert pubsub infrastructure that is powered by SleekXMPP.

The CLI and API are compatible with Python 3. For backwards compatibility, legacy Python clients powered by PyXMPP are included in the package, but are slated to be removed from a future release of ligo-lvalert.

User Guide

Please visit the LVAlert User Guide for a brief overview and starter for the LVAlert client and service.

Quick Start

Install from the lscsoft yum repository:

yum install ligo-lvalert

Install from the lscsoft debian repository:

apt install ligo-lvalert

Install with pip:

pip install ligo-lvalert

Note that the pip installation requires the installation of libxml2, and swig to support the legacy clients.

Put your username and password in your netrc file in ~/.netrc:

echo 'machine login albert.einstein password gravity' >> ~/.netrc
chmod 0600 ~/.netrc

Subscribe to some nodes:

lvalert subscribe cbc_gstlal cbc_pycbc cbc_mbtaonline

Listen for LVAlert messages:

lvalert listen


Command Line Interface