The summarycombine_posteriors executable is designed to combine two or more sets of posterior samples. This executable is different from summarycombine as summarycombine combines N files into a single metafile containing N analyses while summarycombine_posteriors combines N posterior samples and creates a single file containing a single analysis.

To see help for this executable please run:

$ summarycombine_posteriors --help
usage: summarycombine_posteriors [-h] --labels LABELS [LABELS ...] -s SAMPLES
                                 [SAMPLES ...]
                                 [--weights WEIGHTS [WEIGHTS ...]] [--use_all]
                                 [--shuffle] [--file_format FILE_FORMAT]
                                 [--filename FILENAME] [--outdir OUTDIR]
                                 [--seed SEED] [--add_to_existing]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --labels LABELS [LABELS ...]
                        Analyses you wish to combine. If only a file
                        containing more than one analysis is provided, please
                        pass the labels in that file that you wish to combine.
                        If multiple single analysis files are provided, please
                        pass unique labels to distinguish each analysis. If a
                        file containing more than one analysis is provided
                        alongside a single analysis file, or multiple files
                        containing more than one analysis each, only a single
                        analysis can be combined from each file
  -s SAMPLES [SAMPLES ...], --samples SAMPLES [SAMPLES ...]
                        Path to posterior samples file(s). See documentation
                        for allowed formats. If path is on a remote server,
                        add username and servername in the form
                        {username}@{servername}:{path}. If path is on a public
                        webpage, ensure the path starts with https://. You may
                        also pass a string such as posterior_samples*.dat and
                        all matching files will be used
  --weights WEIGHTS [WEIGHTS ...]
                        Weights to assign to each analysis. Must be same
                        length as labels
  --use_all             Use all posterior samples (do not weight)
  --shuffle             Shuffle the combined samples
  --file_format FILE_FORMAT
                        Format of output file
  --filename FILENAME   Name of the output file
  --outdir OUTDIR       Directory to save the file
  --seed SEED           Random seed to used through the analysis. Default
  --add_to_existing     Add the combined samples to an existing metafile. Only
                        used when a PESummary metafile is provided via the
                        `--samples` option. If this option is provided, the
                        `--file_format` and `--filename` options are ignored