The summarypipe executable is designed to compose a summarypages command line given the run directory which was used by your sampler. It therefore searches the supplied run directory for a) a result file, b) a configuration file, c) any PSDs that were used, d) any calibration envelopes that were used etc… and prints a summarypages executable to std.out ready for you to run.

To see help for this executable please run:

$ summarypipe --help
usage: summarypipe [-h] -r RUNDIR [-w DIR] [--labels LABELS [LABELS ...]]
                   [--config CONFIG] [--samples SAMPLES] [--pattern PATTERN]
                   [additional options]

This executable is used to generate a summarypages executable given a rundir

positional arguments:
  additional options    all additional command line options are added to the
                        printed summarypages executable

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -r RUNDIR, --rundir RUNDIR
                        run directory of the parameter estimation job
  -w DIR, --webdir DIR  make page and plots in DIR
  --labels LABELS [LABELS ...]
                        labels used to distinguish runs
  --config CONFIG       config file to extract information from. This can
                        either be an absolute path to a config file, or a
                        pattern to search for in run directory. If not
                        provided, search run directory for a config file to
  --samples SAMPLES     path to posterior samples file you wish to use
  --pattern PATTERN     pattern to use when searching for files
  --return_string       Return command line as a string for testing