The 1d histogram pages

Individual marginalized 1d histograms can be seen on the 1d histogram pages. This page includes the marginalized histogram with 5th and 95th percentiles displayed by blue dashed lines and the median and uncertainty (90% symmetric credible interval) at the top of the plot. We see the scatter plot showing the evolution of the collected samples for mass_1_source as well as a plot showing the autocorrelation function for mass_1_source. This plot is commonly used to check for randomness in the data. An autocorrelation of 1/-1 means that the samples are correlated and 0 means no correlation. The autocorrelation function at a lag of N gives the correlation between the 0th sample and the Nth sample. If you click on the 1d histogram you will see that the plot changes to provide the CDF.

If you are only interested in this marginalized posterior, you may download only these samples as a dat file by clicking on the export to dat button.

If you wish to see multiple marginalized posterior distributions on a single page, you may either visit the custom page or the all page. The custom page allows the user to select only the parameters they are interested in. Like the single analysis corner page <../IMRPhenomPv3HM/corner.html> _, the parameters are either selected via the side bar or typed manually in the search bar. The all page will show the marginalized 1d histograms for all parameters that are in the provided result file.