SegmentsTest.c File Reference

Tests the segment and segment list manipulation functions. More...

Detailed Description

Tests the segment and segment list manipulation functions.

Peter Shawhan


SegmentsTest [ lalDebugLevel ]

The default value of lalDebugLevel is 4.


This program tests the various XLAL functions which deal with segments and segment lists.

If the lalDebugLevel argument is omitted, the test program sets it to 4 to turn on info messages only. Note that this default value does not enable LAL/XLAL error messages, since many of the tests intentionally create error conditions and verify that the proper error codes are generated. If you want to turn on the LAL/XLAL error and warning messages, specify a lalDebugLevel value of 7, or 23 if you also want informational messages related to memory checking. If you specify 0, then no messages will be printed under any circumstances. However, in all cases, the return status of the program will be 0 if all tests passed, 1 if one or more tests failed.

Definition in file SegmentsTest.c.

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