StreamInput.h File Reference


void LALCHARReadVector (LALStatus *status, CHARVector **vector, FILE *stream)
void LALI2ReadVector (LALStatus *status, INT2Vector **vector, FILE *stream, BOOLEAN strict)
void LALI4ReadVector (LALStatus *status, INT4Vector **vector, FILE *stream, BOOLEAN strict)
void LALI8ReadVector (LALStatus *status, INT8Vector **vector, FILE *stream, BOOLEAN strict)
void LALU2ReadVector (LALStatus *status, UINT2Vector **vector, FILE *stream, BOOLEAN strict)
void LALU4ReadVector (LALStatus *status, UINT4Vector **vector, FILE *stream, BOOLEAN strict)
void LALU8ReadVector (LALStatus *status, UINT8Vector **vector, FILE *stream, BOOLEAN strict)
void LALSReadVector (LALStatus *status, REAL4Vector **vector, FILE *stream, BOOLEAN strict)
void LALDReadVector (LALStatus *status, REAL8Vector **vector, FILE *stream, BOOLEAN strict)
void LALCHARReadVectorSequence (LALStatus *status, CHARVectorSequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALI2ReadVectorSequence (LALStatus *status, INT2VectorSequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALI4ReadVectorSequence (LALStatus *status, INT4VectorSequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALI8ReadVectorSequence (LALStatus *status, INT8VectorSequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALU2ReadVectorSequence (LALStatus *status, UINT2VectorSequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALU4ReadVectorSequence (LALStatus *status, UINT4VectorSequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALU8ReadVectorSequence (LALStatus *status, UINT8VectorSequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALSReadVectorSequence (LALStatus *status, REAL4VectorSequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALDReadVectorSequence (LALStatus *status, REAL8VectorSequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
int XLALCHARReadSequence (CHARSequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALCHARReadSequence (LALStatus *status, CHARSequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALI2ReadSequence (LALStatus *status, INT2Sequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALI4ReadSequence (LALStatus *status, INT4Sequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALI8ReadSequence (LALStatus *status, INT8Sequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALU2ReadSequence (LALStatus *status, UINT2Sequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALU4ReadSequence (LALStatus *status, UINT4Sequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALU8ReadSequence (LALStatus *status, UINT8Sequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALSReadSequence (LALStatus *status, REAL4Sequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALDReadSequence (LALStatus *status, REAL8Sequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALCReadSequence (LALStatus *status, COMPLEX8Sequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALZReadSequence (LALStatus *status, COMPLEX16Sequence **sequence, FILE *stream)
void LALI2ReadTSeries (LALStatus *status, INT2TimeSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALI4ReadTSeries (LALStatus *status, INT4TimeSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALI8ReadTSeries (LALStatus *status, INT8TimeSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALU2ReadTSeries (LALStatus *status, UINT2TimeSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALU4ReadTSeries (LALStatus *status, UINT4TimeSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALU8ReadTSeries (LALStatus *status, UINT8TimeSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALSReadTSeries (LALStatus *status, REAL4TimeSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALDReadTSeries (LALStatus *status, REAL8TimeSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALCReadTSeries (LALStatus *status, COMPLEX8TimeSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALZReadTSeries (LALStatus *status, COMPLEX16TimeSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALI2ReadTVectorSeries (LALStatus *status, INT2TimeVectorSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALI4ReadTVectorSeries (LALStatus *status, INT4TimeVectorSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALI8ReadTVectorSeries (LALStatus *status, INT8TimeVectorSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALU2ReadTVectorSeries (LALStatus *status, UINT2TimeVectorSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALU4ReadTVectorSeries (LALStatus *status, UINT4TimeVectorSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALU8ReadTVectorSeries (LALStatus *status, UINT8TimeVectorSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALSReadTVectorSeries (LALStatus *status, REAL4TimeVectorSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALDReadTVectorSeries (LALStatus *status, REAL8TimeVectorSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALCReadTVectorSeries (LALStatus *status, COMPLEX8TimeVectorSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALZReadTVectorSeries (LALStatus *status, COMPLEX16TimeVectorSeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALI2ReadTArraySeries (LALStatus *status, INT2TimeArraySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALI4ReadTArraySeries (LALStatus *status, INT4TimeArraySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALI8ReadTArraySeries (LALStatus *status, INT8TimeArraySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALU2ReadTArraySeries (LALStatus *status, UINT2TimeArraySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALU4ReadTArraySeries (LALStatus *status, UINT4TimeArraySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALU8ReadTArraySeries (LALStatus *status, UINT8TimeArraySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALSReadTArraySeries (LALStatus *status, REAL4TimeArraySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALDReadTArraySeries (LALStatus *status, REAL8TimeArraySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALCReadTArraySeries (LALStatus *status, COMPLEX8TimeArraySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALZReadTArraySeries (LALStatus *status, COMPLEX16TimeArraySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALI2ReadFSeries (LALStatus *status, INT2FrequencySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALI4ReadFSeries (LALStatus *status, INT4FrequencySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALI8ReadFSeries (LALStatus *status, INT8FrequencySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALU2ReadFSeries (LALStatus *status, UINT2FrequencySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALU4ReadFSeries (LALStatus *status, UINT4FrequencySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALU8ReadFSeries (LALStatus *status, UINT8FrequencySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALSReadFSeries (LALStatus *status, REAL4FrequencySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALDReadFSeries (LALStatus *status, REAL8FrequencySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALCReadFSeries (LALStatus *status, COMPLEX8FrequencySeries *series, FILE *stream)
void LALZReadFSeries (LALStatus *status, COMPLEX16FrequencySeries *series, FILE *stream)

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#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGENUL   "Unexpected null pointer in arguments"
#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGEOUT   "Output handle points to a non-null pointer"
#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGEMEM   "Memory allocation error"
#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGELEN   "No numbers were read"
#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGESLEN   "Not enough numbers read to fill sequence"
#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGEVLEN   "Could not determine complex vectorLength"
#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGEDLEN   "Dimension lengths inconsistent or not given"
#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGEDIM   "Inconsistent or non-positive arrayDim value"
#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGEFMT   "Badly formatted number"
#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGEBUF   "BUFFSIZE not a multiple of largest complex type size"
Error Codes
 Unexpected null pointer in arguments. More...
 Output handle points to a non-null pointer. More...
 Memory allocation error. More...
 No numbers were read. More...
 Not enough numbers read to fill sequence. More...
 Could not determine complex vectorLength. More...
 Dimension lengths inconsistent or not given. More...
 Inconsistent or non-positive arrayDim value. More...
 Badly formatted number. More...
 BUFFSIZE not a multiple of largest complex type size. More...

Macro Definition Documentation


#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGENUL   "Unexpected null pointer in arguments"

Definition at line 93 of file StreamInput.h.


#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGEOUT   "Output handle points to a non-null pointer"

Definition at line 94 of file StreamInput.h.


#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGEMEM   "Memory allocation error"

Definition at line 95 of file StreamInput.h.


#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGELEN   "No numbers were read"

Definition at line 96 of file StreamInput.h.


#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGESLEN   "Not enough numbers read to fill sequence"

Definition at line 97 of file StreamInput.h.


#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGEVLEN   "Could not determine complex vectorLength"

Definition at line 98 of file StreamInput.h.


#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGEDLEN   "Dimension lengths inconsistent or not given"

Definition at line 99 of file StreamInput.h.


#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGEDIM   "Inconsistent or non-positive arrayDim value"

Definition at line 100 of file StreamInput.h.


#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGEFMT   "Badly formatted number"

Definition at line 101 of file StreamInput.h.


#define STREAMINPUTH_MSGEBUF   "BUFFSIZE not a multiple of largest complex type size"

Definition at line 102 of file StreamInput.h.

Function Documentation

◆ LALI2ReadTSeries()

void LALI2ReadTSeries ( LALStatus status,
INT2TimeSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALI4ReadTSeries()

void LALI4ReadTSeries ( LALStatus status,
INT4TimeSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALI8ReadTSeries()

void LALI8ReadTSeries ( LALStatus status,
INT8TimeSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALU2ReadTSeries()

void LALU2ReadTSeries ( LALStatus status,
UINT2TimeSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALU4ReadTSeries()

void LALU4ReadTSeries ( LALStatus status,
UINT4TimeSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALU8ReadTSeries()

void LALU8ReadTSeries ( LALStatus status,
UINT8TimeSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALSReadTSeries()

void LALSReadTSeries ( LALStatus status,
REAL4TimeSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALDReadTSeries()

void LALDReadTSeries ( LALStatus status,
REAL8TimeSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALCReadTSeries()

void LALCReadTSeries ( LALStatus status,
COMPLEX8TimeSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALZReadTSeries()

void LALZReadTSeries ( LALStatus status,
COMPLEX16TimeSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALI2ReadTVectorSeries()

void LALI2ReadTVectorSeries ( LALStatus status,
INT2TimeVectorSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALI4ReadTVectorSeries()

void LALI4ReadTVectorSeries ( LALStatus status,
INT4TimeVectorSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALI8ReadTVectorSeries()

void LALI8ReadTVectorSeries ( LALStatus status,
INT8TimeVectorSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALU2ReadTVectorSeries()

void LALU2ReadTVectorSeries ( LALStatus status,
UINT2TimeVectorSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALU4ReadTVectorSeries()

void LALU4ReadTVectorSeries ( LALStatus status,
UINT4TimeVectorSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALU8ReadTVectorSeries()

void LALU8ReadTVectorSeries ( LALStatus status,
UINT8TimeVectorSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALSReadTVectorSeries()

void LALSReadTVectorSeries ( LALStatus status,
REAL4TimeVectorSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALDReadTVectorSeries()

void LALDReadTVectorSeries ( LALStatus status,
REAL8TimeVectorSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALCReadTVectorSeries()

void LALCReadTVectorSeries ( LALStatus status,
COMPLEX8TimeVectorSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALZReadTVectorSeries()

void LALZReadTVectorSeries ( LALStatus status,
COMPLEX16TimeVectorSeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALI2ReadTArraySeries()

void LALI2ReadTArraySeries ( LALStatus status,
INT2TimeArraySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALI4ReadTArraySeries()

void LALI4ReadTArraySeries ( LALStatus status,
INT4TimeArraySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALI8ReadTArraySeries()

void LALI8ReadTArraySeries ( LALStatus status,
INT8TimeArraySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALU2ReadTArraySeries()

void LALU2ReadTArraySeries ( LALStatus status,
UINT2TimeArraySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALU4ReadTArraySeries()

void LALU4ReadTArraySeries ( LALStatus status,
UINT4TimeArraySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALU8ReadTArraySeries()

void LALU8ReadTArraySeries ( LALStatus status,
UINT8TimeArraySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALSReadTArraySeries()

void LALSReadTArraySeries ( LALStatus status,
REAL4TimeArraySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALDReadTArraySeries()

void LALDReadTArraySeries ( LALStatus status,
REAL8TimeArraySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALCReadTArraySeries()

void LALCReadTArraySeries ( LALStatus status,
COMPLEX8TimeArraySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALZReadTArraySeries()

void LALZReadTArraySeries ( LALStatus status,
COMPLEX16TimeArraySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALI2ReadFSeries()

void LALI2ReadFSeries ( LALStatus status,
INT2FrequencySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALI4ReadFSeries()

void LALI4ReadFSeries ( LALStatus status,
INT4FrequencySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALI8ReadFSeries()

void LALI8ReadFSeries ( LALStatus status,
INT8FrequencySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALU2ReadFSeries()

void LALU2ReadFSeries ( LALStatus status,
UINT2FrequencySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALU4ReadFSeries()

void LALU4ReadFSeries ( LALStatus status,
UINT4FrequencySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALU8ReadFSeries()

void LALU8ReadFSeries ( LALStatus status,
UINT8FrequencySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALSReadFSeries()

void LALSReadFSeries ( LALStatus status,
REAL4FrequencySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALDReadFSeries()

void LALDReadFSeries ( LALStatus status,
REAL8FrequencySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALCReadFSeries()

void LALCReadFSeries ( LALStatus status,
COMPLEX8FrequencySeries series,
FILE *  stream 

◆ LALZReadFSeries()

void LALZReadFSeries ( LALStatus status,
COMPLEX16FrequencySeries series,
FILE *  stream