ZPGFilter.h File Reference


COMPLEX8ZPGFilterXLALCreateCOMPLEX8ZPGFilter (INT4 numZeros, INT4 numPoles)
COMPLEX16ZPGFilterXLALCreateCOMPLEX16ZPGFilter (INT4 numZeros, INT4 numPoles)
void XLALDestroyCOMPLEX8ZPGFilter (COMPLEX8ZPGFilter *filter)
void XLALDestroyCOMPLEX16ZPGFilter (COMPLEX16ZPGFilter *filter)
int XLALWToZCOMPLEX16ZPGFilter (COMPLEX16ZPGFilter *filter)
void LALCreateCOMPLEX8ZPGFilter (LALStatus *status, COMPLEX8ZPGFilter **output, INT4 numZeros, INT4 numPoles)
void LALCreateCOMPLEX16ZPGFilter (LALStatus *status, COMPLEX16ZPGFilter **output, INT4 numZeros, INT4 numPoles)
void LALDestroyCOMPLEX8ZPGFilter (LALStatus *status, COMPLEX8ZPGFilter **input)
void LALDestroyCOMPLEX16ZPGFilter (LALStatus *status, COMPLEX16ZPGFilter **input)
void LALWToZCOMPLEX8ZPGFilter (LALStatus *status, COMPLEX8ZPGFilter *filter)
 Deprecated. More...
void LALWToZCOMPLEX16ZPGFilter (LALStatus *status, COMPLEX16ZPGFilter *filter)
 Deprecated. More...

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#define ZPGFILTERH_MSGENUL   "Unexpected null pointer in arguments"
#define ZPGFILTERH_MSGEOUT   "Output handle points to a non-null pointer"
#define ZPGFILTERH_MSGEMEM   "Memory allocation error"
#define ZPGFILTERH_MSGEBAD   "Bad filter parameters"
Error Codes
 Unexpected null pointer in arguments. More...
 Output handle points to a non-null pointer. More...
 Memory allocation error. More...
 Bad filter parameters. More...

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#define ZPGFILTERH_MSGENUL   "Unexpected null pointer in arguments"

Definition at line 110 of file ZPGFilter.h.


#define ZPGFILTERH_MSGEOUT   "Output handle points to a non-null pointer"

Definition at line 111 of file ZPGFilter.h.


#define ZPGFILTERH_MSGEMEM   "Memory allocation error"

Definition at line 112 of file ZPGFilter.h.


#define ZPGFILTERH_MSGEBAD   "Bad filter parameters"

Definition at line 113 of file ZPGFilter.h.