LAL File Reference


def lal.gpstime.gps_time_now ()
 Get the current time in GPS seconds. More...
def lal.gpstime.utc_to_gps (utc_time)
 Convert the given datetime.datetime into a GPS time. More...
def lal.gpstime.gps_to_utc (gps)
 Convert a GPS time into a datetime.datetime More...
def lal.gpstime.utc_time_now ()
 Get the current date and time in UTC. More...
def lal.gpstime.str_to_gps (time_string=None)
 Converts a date/time string into a GPS time. More...
def lal.gpstime.gps_to_str (gps, form=None)
 onvert a LIGOTimeGPS time object into a string. More...
def lal.gpstime.tconvert (arg=None, form=None)
 Convert date/time strings to and from GPS times. More...

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dictionary lal.gpstime.TIME_ZONES
 lal.gpstime.GPS_EPOCH = _datetime.datetime(1980, 1, 6, 0, 0, 0)
 lal.gpstime.LAL_GPS_MAX = _datetime.datetime(2048, 1, 24, 3, 13, 55)
def = tconvert()
def lal.gpstime.now_utc = gps_to_str(now)