Standard Definitions

Detailed Description

This package contains headers providing basic datatypes, constants, and macros that support the LAL standard.


 Header LALConfig.h
 Defines configuration macro constants.
 Header LALConstants.h
 Provides standard numerical constants for LAL.
 Headers LAL(Atomic)Datatypes.h
 Provides the basic LAL datatypes.
 Header LALDebugLevel.h
 Control LALSuite debugging information verbosity and memory debugging features.
 Header LALError.h
 Provides routines to report and handle errors.
 Header LALGSL.h
 Provides macros for integrating the GSL error handler with the LAL status structure.
 Header LALMalloc.h
 Provides standard LAL memory allocation/deallocation routines.
 Header LALSIMD.h
 SIMD extension detection and runtime selection for LALSuite.
 Header LALStatusMacros.h
 Provides macros for handling the LALStatus structure.
 Header LALStdio.h
 Provides LAL functions similar to the non-file functions in <stdio.h>.
 Header LALStdlib.h
 Includes the standard LAL header files.
 Header LALString.h
 XLAL string manipulation routines.
 Header LALVCSInfoType.h
 Contains routines for dealing with VCS and build information.
 Header StringInput.h
 Provides routines to parse CHARVectors into other LAL datatypes.
 Header XLALError.h
 This header covers routines to provide the XLAL interface error handling.