CalibrationUpdateParams Struct Reference

Detailed Description

The type CalibrationUpdateParams contains two time series representing an overall gain factor for the open-loop gain function \(H(f)\) and the sensing function \(C(f)\).

These transfer functions are known to change (by an overall factor) with time, and these two factors can be tracked using the injected calibration lines. The factors are stored in this structure as (very-slowly varying) time series, and are to be used in updating the calibration functions described previously. (The response function can be computed from the open-loop gain and the sensing function. It is simply \(R(f)=[1+H(f)]/C(f)\).) In addition, this structure contains the present epoch and the duration of the data to be calibrated to identify the particular set of factors (from those recorded in the time series) to use.

Definition at line 156 of file Calibration.h.

Data Fields

LIGOTimeGPS epoch
LIGOTimeGPS duration
COMPLEX8 alpha
COMPLEX8 alphabeta

Field Documentation

◆ epoch

LIGOTimeGPS CalibrationUpdateParams::epoch

Definition at line 159 of file Calibration.h.

◆ duration

LIGOTimeGPS CalibrationUpdateParams::duration

Definition at line 160 of file Calibration.h.

◆ ifo

CHAR* CalibrationUpdateParams::ifo

Definition at line 161 of file Calibration.h.

◆ alpha

COMPLEX8 CalibrationUpdateParams::alpha

Definition at line 162 of file Calibration.h.

◆ alphabeta

COMPLEX8 CalibrationUpdateParams::alphabeta

Definition at line 163 of file Calibration.h.

◆ openLoopFactor

COMPLEX8TimeSeries* CalibrationUpdateParams::openLoopFactor

Definition at line 164 of file Calibration.h.

◆ sensingFactor

COMPLEX8TimeSeries* CalibrationUpdateParams::sensingFactor

Definition at line 165 of file Calibration.h.