Detailed Description


Definition at line 170 of file Calibration.h.

Data Fields

REAL8TimeSeries h
 timeseries containing h(t) More...
REAL8TimeSeries hC
 timeseries containing the control signal More...
REAL8TimeSeries hR
 timeseries containing the residual signal More...
COMPLEX16TimeSeries alpha
 alpha time series More...
COMPLEX16TimeSeries beta
 beta time series More...
COMPLEX16TimeSeries alphabeta
 alpha time series More...
INT2TimeSeries science_mode
 flag = 1 for science mode, 0 otherwise More...

Field Documentation

◆ h

REAL8TimeSeries StrainOut::h

timeseries containing h(t)

Definition at line 172 of file Calibration.h.

◆ hC

REAL8TimeSeries StrainOut::hC

timeseries containing the control signal

Definition at line 173 of file Calibration.h.

◆ hR

REAL8TimeSeries StrainOut::hR

timeseries containing the residual signal

Definition at line 174 of file Calibration.h.

◆ alpha

COMPLEX16TimeSeries StrainOut::alpha

alpha time series

Definition at line 175 of file Calibration.h.

◆ beta

COMPLEX16TimeSeries StrainOut::beta

beta time series

Definition at line 176 of file Calibration.h.

◆ alphabeta

COMPLEX16TimeSeries StrainOut::alphabeta

alpha time series

Definition at line 177 of file Calibration.h.

◆ science_mode

INT2TimeSeries StrainOut::science_mode

flag = 1 for science mode, 0 otherwise

Definition at line 178 of file Calibration.h.