Development Instructions

Source dependencies

If you are building ligo.skymap from source, then in addition to the requirements in the quick start section, you will also need:

You also need a C compiler with good support for the C11 standard. The following compilers are known to work:

Building from source

To build ligo.skymap from source, first clone the git repository:

$ git clone

Then install it with pip:

$ pip install .

Environment variables that control the build

There are several environment variables that control the build. To activate one of these options, set it to any non-empty value when you run pip install, like this:


Here is the full list of environment variables.


Use the system installation of chealpix rather than building chealpix from the bundled source code.


Compile and link against the Intel® Instrumentation and Tracing Technology (ITT) API to add tracepoints for performance measurement using Intel® VTune Profiler.


Disable OpenMP parallelization.