Unit tests

This package has a unit test suite that is set up following the Astropy Testing Guidelines. The unit tests are run automatically on every git push using GitLab Continuous Integration (CI). See the repository’s .gitlab-ci.yml file for configuration details.

You can also run the unit tests manually by running these commands in the source directory:

$ pip install -e .[test]
$ pytest

There are many options available to adjust what tests are run or how test results are reported; see Astropy’s documentation on running-tests for details.

Coverage analysis

The CI pipeline does code coverage analysis when it runs the unit tests. See the coverage report for the most recent build.

Acceptance tests

There is a suite of weekly acceptance tests for BAYESTAR that check that the code reproduces localizations for past gravitational-wave events including GW170814 and GW170817 as well as populations of simulated events.