Multi-Order-Coverage (MOC) Contours (ligo-skymap-contour-moc)

Create a contour for a credible level of an all-sky probability map. The input is a HEALPix FITS probability map. The output is a Multi-Order Coverage (MOC) FITS file.

usage: ligo-skymap-contour-moc [-h] [--version]
                               [-l CRITICAL|ERROR|WARNING|INFO|DEBUG|NOTSET]
                               -o FILE.fits -c PERCENT

Positional Arguments


Input multi-order or flatten HEALPix FITS file

Default: -

Named Arguments


show program’s version number and exit

-l, --loglevel

Default: INFO

-o, --output

output file

-c, --contour

MOC region enclosing this percentage of probability [range is 0-100]