SkyCoordinates.h File Reference


void LALGalacticToEquatorial (LALStatus *, SkyPosition *output, SkyPosition *input)
void LALEquatorialToGalactic (LALStatus *, SkyPosition *output, SkyPosition *input)
void LALEclipticToEquatorial (LALStatus *, SkyPosition *output, SkyPosition *input)
void LALEquatorialToEcliptic (LALStatus *, SkyPosition *output, SkyPosition *input)
void LALGeographicToEquatorial (LALStatus *, SkyPosition *output, SkyPosition *input, LIGOTimeGPS *gpsTime)
void LALEquatorialToGeographic (LALStatus *, SkyPosition *output, SkyPosition *input, LIGOTimeGPS *gpsTime)
void LALSystemToHorizon (LALStatus *, SkyPosition *output, SkyPosition *input, const SkyPosition *zenith)
void LALHorizonToSystem (LALStatus *, SkyPosition *output, SkyPosition *input, const SkyPosition *zenith)
void LALGeodeticToGeocentric (LALStatus *, EarthPosition *location)
void LALGeocentricToGeodetic (LALStatus *, EarthPosition *location)
void LALConvertSkyCoordinates (LALStatus *, SkyPosition *output, SkyPosition *input, ConvertSkyParams *params)
void LALNormalizeSkyPosition (LALStatus *status, SkyPosition *posOut, const SkyPosition *posIn)
void XLALNormalizeSkyPosition (double *_LAL_RESTRICT_ longitude, double *_LAL_RESTRICT_ latitude)

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Data Structures

struct  SkyPosition
 This structure stores the two spherical coordinates of a sky position; ie a generic latitude and longitude; the structure is not defined specific to a particular coordinate system, but maintains a tag indicating which coordinate system it is expressed in. More...
struct  EarthPosition
 This structure stores the location of a point on (or near) the surface of the Earth in both geodetic and geocentric coordinates, as described in TerrestrialCoordinates.c . More...
struct  ConvertSkyParams
 This structure stores parameters for the function LALConvertSkyPosition(). More...


Error codes
 Unexpected null pointer in arguments. More...
 Wrong coordinate system in input. More...
 Angular coordinates undefined at origin. More...
 Point is inside singular ellipsoid. More...


enum  CoordinateSystem {
 This enumerated type is used to identify data as being in one of the coordinate systems discussed in Header SkyCoordinates.h. More...

Function Documentation

◆ XLALNormalizeSkyPosition()

void XLALNormalizeSkyPosition ( double *_LAL_RESTRICT_  longitude,
double *_LAL_RESTRICT_  latitude