Detailed Description

Provides routines to low- or high-pass filter a time series.

Creighton, T. D.


#include <lal/BandPassTimeSeries.h>

The Header BandPassTimeSeries.h provides routines an actual implementation of these utilities to the specific task of high- or low-pass filtering of a data stream. These routines also serve as an example for the more general task of designing time-domain filters with any desired frequency response.

This header covers routines that apply a time-domain low- or high-pass filter to a data series of type <datatype>TimeSeries. Further documentation is given in the individual routines' modules.


 Module ButterworthTimeSeries.c
 Applies a low- or high-pass Butterworth filter to a time series.

Data Structures

struct  PassBandParamStruc
 This structure stores data used for constructing a low- or high-pass filter: either the order and characteristic frequency of the filter, or the frequencies and desired attenuations at the ends of some transition band. More...


file  BandPassTest.c
 Tests time-domain high- and low-pass filters.

Error Codes

 Unexpected null pointer in arguments. More...
 Bad filter parameters. More...

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Unexpected null pointer in arguments.

Definition at line 61 of file BandPassTimeSeries.h.



Bad filter parameters.

Definition at line 62 of file BandPassTimeSeries.h.