Detailed Description

This structure stores units in the mksA system (plus Kelvin, Strain, and ADC Count).

It also stores an overall power-of-ten scaling factor. Thus, the units are given by

\begin{equation} 10^p\times\textrm{m}^{N_0/(1+D_0)}\times\textrm{kg}^{N_1/(1+D_1)} \times\textrm{s}^{N_2/(1+D_2)}\times\textrm{A}^{N_3/(1+D_3)} \times\textrm{K}^{N_4/(1+D_4)}\times\textrm{strain}^{N_5/(1+D_5)} \times\textrm{count}^{N_6/(1+D_6)} \end{equation}

Definition at line 498 of file LALDatatypes.h.

Data Fields

INT2 powerOfTen
 Overall power-of-ten scaling is 10^powerOfTen. More...
INT2 unitNumerator [LALNumUnits]
 Array of unit power numerators. More...
UINT2 unitDenominatorMinusOne [LALNumUnits]
 Array of unit power denominators-minus-one. More...

Field Documentation

◆ powerOfTen

INT2 LALUnit::powerOfTen

Overall power-of-ten scaling is 10^powerOfTen.

Definition at line 499 of file LALDatatypes.h.

◆ unitNumerator

INT2 LALUnit::unitNumerator[LALNumUnits]

Array of unit power numerators.

Definition at line 500 of file LALDatatypes.h.

◆ unitDenominatorMinusOne

UINT2 LALUnit::unitDenominatorMinusOne[LALNumUnits]

Array of unit power denominators-minus-one.

Definition at line 501 of file LALDatatypes.h.