Usage and Examples

Usage notes

The steps to analyse data with Parallel Bilby are:

  1. Ini Creation:

    Create an ini with paths to the prior, PSD and data files, along with other kwargs.

  2. Parallel Bilby Generation:

    Setup your Parallel Bilby jobs with

    $ bash outdir/submit/bash_<label>.sh

    This generates

    • Plots of the PSD (review before submitting your job)

    • Slurm submission scripts

    • a data dump pickle (object packed with the PSD, data, etc)

  3. Parallel Bilby Analysis:

    To submit the Slurm jobs on a cluster, run

    $ bash outdir/submit/bash_<label>.sh

    Alternatively, to run locally without submitting a job, check the bash file for the required command. It should look something like:

    $ mpirun parallel_bilby_analysis outdir/data/<label>_data_dump.pickle --label <label> --outdir outdir/result --sampling-seed 1234`

Example ini files

Refer to the Parallel Bilby Examples Folder for example ini files along with Jupyter Notebooks explaining how to set up Parallel Bilby jobs.

The folder has three ini examples:

  1. GW150914 ini

  2. GW170817 ini

  3. Instructions to setup multiple injection inis