Stable Installation

Install the most recent stable version of Parallel Bilby with pip:

$ pip install parallel_bilby

Alternatively, you can install Parallel Bilby with conda

$ conda install -c conda-forge parallel_bilby


Install dependencies using

$ conda install -c conda-forge bilby_pipe schwimmbad

Development Install

Install the package locally with

$ python develop

This allows you to install Parallel Bilby in a way that allows you edit your code after installation to environment, and have the changes take effect immediately (without re-installation).


Installing Parallel Bilby gives you access to two executables

$ parallel_bilby_generation --help
$ parallel_bilby_analysis --help

Roughly speaking, the generation executable is run locally to prepare the data for analysis. It takes as input a gwf file of the strain data, the PSD text files and some configuration options such as which waveform model to use. The output of the data generation step is a data_dump.pickle.

This file is used as the input to the analysis step.