get_proposal_cycle(string, priors[, ...])

remove_proposals_using_string(plist, string)


AdaptiveGaussianProposal(priors[, weight, ...])


BaseProposal(priors[, weight, subset])

CorrelatedPolarisationPhaseJump(priors[, weight])

DensityEstimateProposal(priors[, weight, ...])

A proposal using draws from a None fit to the chain

DifferentialEvolutionProposal(priors[, ...])

A proposal using Differential Evolution

EnsembleProposal(priors[, weight])

Base EnsembleProposal class for ensemble-based swap proposals

EnsembleStretch(priors[, weight, scale])

The Goodman & Weare (2010) Stretch proposal for an Ensemble

FisherMatrixProposal(priors[, subset, ...])

FixedGaussianProposal(priors[, weight, ...])

A proposal using a fixed non-correlated Gaussian distribution

FixedJumpProposal(priors[, jumps, subset, ...])

GMMProposal(priors[, weight, subset, ...])

A proposal using draws from a Gaussian Mixture Model fit to the chain

KDEProposal(priors[, weight, subset, ...])

A proposal using draws from a Gaussian KDE fit to the chain

NormalizingFlowProposal(priors[, weight, ...])

A proposal using draws from a Normalizing Flow fit to the chain

PhasePolarisationReversalProposal(priors[, ...])

PhaseReversalProposal(priors[, weight, ...])

PolarisationReversalProposal(priors[, ...])

PriorProposal(priors[, weight, subset])

A proposal using draws from the prior distribution


StretchProposal(priors[, weight, subset, scale])

The Goodman & Weare (2010) Stretch proposal for an MCMC chain

UniformProposal(priors[, weight, subset])

A proposal using uniform draws from the prior support