asd_from_freq_series(freq_data, df)

Calculate the ASD from the frequency domain output of gaussian_noise()

calculate_time_to_merger(frequency, mass_1, ...)

Leading-order calculation of the time to merger from frequency


Converts inputs to floats, returns a list in the same order as the input


Get the merger time for known GW events using the gwosc package

get_gracedb(gracedb, outdir, duration, ...)

Download information about a trigger from GraceDb and create cache files for finding gravitational-wave strain data.

get_open_strain_data(name, start_time, ...)

A function which accesses the open strain data

get_vertex_position_geocentric(latitude, ...)

Calculate the position of the IFO vertex in geocentric coordinates in meters.

gracedb_to_json(gracedb[, cred, ...])

Script to download a GraceDB candidate

gw_data_find(observatory, gps_start_time, ...)

Builds a gw_data_find call and process output

inner_product(aa, bb, frequency, PSD)

Calculate the inner product defined in the matched filter statistic


lalsim_SimInspiralChooseFDWaveform(mass_1, ...)

Safely call lalsimulation.SimInspiralChooseFDWaveform


Safely call lalsimulation.SimInspiralChooseFDWaveformSequence

lalsim_SimInspiralFD(mass_1, mass_2, ...)

Safely call lalsimulation.SimInspiralFD





A numerically stable method to evaluate ln(I_0) a modified Bessel function of order 0 used in the phase-marginalized likelihood.

matched_filter_snr(signal, ...)

Calculate the _complex_ matched filter snr of a signal.

noise_weighted_inner_product(aa, bb, ...)

Calculate the noise weighted inner product between two arrays.

optimal_snr_squared(signal, ...)

Compute the square of the optimal matched filter SNR for the provided signal.

overlap(signal_a, signal_b[, ...])

Compute the overlap between two signals

plot_spline_pos(log_freqs, samples[, ...])

Plot calibration posterior estimates for a spline model in log space.

psd_from_freq_series(freq_data, df)

Calculate the PSD from the frequency domain output of gaussian_noise() Calls asd_from_freq_series() and squares the output

read_frame_file(file_name, start_time, end_time)

A function which accesses the open strain data


Returns the angle in degrees corresponding to the spline calibration parameters delta_psi.

zenith_azimuth_to_ra_dec(zenith, azimuth, ...)

Convert from the 'detector frame' to the Earth frame.

zenith_azimuth_to_theta_phi(zenith, azimuth, ...)

Convert from the 'detector frame' to the Earth frame.